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Love Brings Healing: Spring Resolutions

Love Free Wings

The love I feel for myself has set me free, and the unconditional love I receive from those who truly know and love me has given me wings.

As I continue along this healing journey, emotional well-being, self-discovery, setting boundaries, and love are central themes in my journey. I gain glimpses of how my emotions work internally. Mine are very visual, and I saw a solid, massively thick cement wall around my heart. I also witnessed people with pickaxes slowly chipping away at it, and as I looked inside, I could see myself with a pickaxe, gradually breaking down the wall. I realize that opening up to people in a way that truly allows them into my heart space requires time and effort. It's a process of chipping away and building trust, relationships, comfort, and most importantly, setting boundaries.

My heart is expanding rapidly, and I sense myself transforming into a completely different being. The Universe presents challenges that help me grow and expand, challenging what I think I want for myself. All new skills demand time, patience, and acceptance of failure until mastery is achieved. When we open ourselves to love, we risk being shattered. Although those pieces can be put back together, it takes time and patience. I am proud of who I am, who I've become, and who I am becoming. The more I love myself, the more love I attract. My life is slowly (and quickly) becoming the life I always envisioned. Full of unconditional love, passion, laughter, family, and authenticity.

I always set my resolutions in the Spring, when the earth is awakening and life is starting to bloom. As Spring arrives, I am focusing on resolutions that attract emotional well-being and love.

  • What are your resolutions this Spring?

  • How do you navigate the journey of self-discovery and opening your heart to others?

  • How do you balance vulnerability with setting boundaries?

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