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Discover the Real You

Self-Care Coaching for Inner Healing and Unconditional Self-Love

Anna Marie

Anna (awe-nah) is a self-care coach that focuses on helping clients discover and love every aspect of who they are, inside and out. Working through deep shadow work and loving all the parts that they have hidden away, and how to heal their inner world from trauma so they can live more authentically and powerfully in this world.


Let Anna help you take your shoes off and find the tool belt that is specifically tailored to you and who you are.


"I spent 40 years of my life loving only certain parts of who I am. I locked away the rest and looked at parts of myself in disgust, with the desire to change or eradicate those parts completely. When I turned 40 something clicked within me and all the work I had done up to that point just melded into place. I now love every aspect, every piece, every part of who I am. I want this for everyone. I want you to love yourself so much that your world shifts and changes. I want you to thrive and to live in a world that you create, full of people who love you as much as you love yourself."

-Anna Marie

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