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The Graphic Journey of Dragonfly Rose

Dragonfly Rose has gone through many re-brandings over the years. Sometimes it takes time to find an image that fits your mission. I created both the new and old logos along with business cards, promotional pamphlets, gift certificates, etc.

Dragonfly Rose is me, so when I left an 11 year massage career I decided the name had to stay. I went through a very quick re-brand that didn't feel right but worked for what I needed it to. I didn't give my own brand the time and energy it needed to be the new image it wanted to be. I went from Dragonfly Rose Art to Dragonfly Rose Photography to Dragonfly Rose Massage and Healing to Dragonfly Rose Mind Body Soul to what is now Dragonfly Rose Photography & Design. Below you will find the progression of identity through my years as Dragonfly Rose. As well as some highlighted things like brochures, business cards, and signs.

My original logo:

A photography Brochure:

Original Massage Business Logo:

Business Cards, menu, QR, Gift Certificates, brochures:

Dragonfly Rose Photography & Design Original Logo:

Business Cards, Ads, and other branding:

My Current Branding:


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