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New Beginnings

As an entrepreneur, I have faced many trials in my endeavors. When I left an 11-year career as a deep tissue and injury LMT, I found myself lost. I have been in the world of healing for over a decade! I know the human body inside and out; I know how to release scar tissue, heal injuries, and relieve pain. Leaving has left a hole in my life in terms of a career. I have tried to hurriedly fill it with things I did on the side, like photography and graphic design. This left me in a space of a lot of trial and error.

I had to find my voice as a photographer for hire. I found I adore weddings and events. I love doing behind-the-scenes shoots for plays, short films, or businesses. I had to find my niche in photography, and now that I have, I am mulling over ways to advertise for myself and grow this part of my business. But as much as I dearly love photography, it is not fulfilling the part of me that is a healer—the part of me that wants everyone to feel deep inner peace and love for themselves. For quite a while, I was doing a podcast called "The Daily Journal with Dragonfly Rose." I found myself getting burnt out on creating them. I felt like they were not going anywhere, and I needed to step away, but I am stubborn and would not allow myself to give up on it. I got a message a couple of weeks ago: "It is ok to step away from what is not working, even if you have poured so much energy into it." It was the message I needed to let go.

Because I let go, I feel my mind is expanding with possibilities and methods to truly help people in the way I feel called to. I have a section on this site that revolves around Self-Care coaching. These are indeed services I offer, but I am planning offerings in terms of books and courses. These will take time, and I will be patient as I work through them. I want them to be right, not rushed. From a marketing standpoint, I know that having a strong theme for blog posts on a site is important. I love writing and sharing my thoughts on inner healing and growth, especially how to face and love all that we are. So, I will be using this space to share insights and questions for you to grow and love all that you are as I work patiently to create more things to help you on your journey.

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