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Love of Art and Photography

When I was young music was my art. I sang from morning until night. I wanted to be a singer. I remember singing to myself in the mirror so I could make sure I looked okay, that I looked like the singers I idolized.

When I was 11 I had to go into a foster home. It was here that the fine arts were introduced to me. I used drawing and painting to heal. When I got into high school I picked up photography. The ability to capture what I see and to be able to show it to the world was EVERTHING to me. You see, I see things differently than most. I can find the beauty and allure of almost anything. All you have to do is change angles and perspectives!

But even though I had a deep passion and a story to tell, I wasn't ready to make that a career path.... and life happened. I became pregnant at the end of my Senior year of high school. My life took some heartbreaking and life-changing turns for the next 8 years. Photography and art were always mine, always with me, I even picked up a few extra art hobbies along the way. Like macrame, clay, and even making my own art supplies and paints! They got me through hard times, and it was a way to express what I was feeling. Then in 2011 I went to school and got my degree in massage therapy. For 11 years I mastered treatment massage until retiring in 2022. I found myself facing a blank slate. Back to school (I did for a bit) or just start a business? Well, I did both!

Now I'm trying to learn how to navigate through a whole new world! This career is definitely very different from anything I have ever done, and at times a bit unstable which can be really hard.

Photography and art will always be a pillar in my life. A way I get to show the world what I see and dream. The next few months I am going to be going heavy on marketing and launching some new and amazing things! This blog is just a start and I will be using this space to share what I am up to, knowledge, and anything art and design related.

Anna M. Burdette | Dragonfly Rose ©

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