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An Invitation to Live Authentically

Today I invite you to live authentically.

I have faced many challenges during my short time on this planet. Challenges that caused me a lot of pain and sorrow, but also many joys and blessings. These challenges caused me to act in ways that didn't truly reflect who I am. Challenges that caused me to operate in a state of survival. As I start this new chapter it's become crystal clear that my focus is to truly live in my full authenticity and to share and teach the ways in which I learn and evolve in this world.

I accept and love every part of who I am, but it wasn't always like this for me. I used to only love parts of who I was and I would water myself down to fit in with other people’s comfortability levels. I denied myself the simple pleasure of being all of myself.

Through self-reflection and getting to know myself in the depths of my soul I've realized that people who can't accept all of me shouldn't be in my life. That these people do not deserve a seat at my table, nor do they deserve any of my love or energy. Getting here meant facing all the parts of myself that I never truly looked at, nor took the time to understand.

One big lesson I have learned is that life isn't always happy and peaceful. It's normal to have ups and downs. True balance isn't about always being happy; it's about being honest with your feelings, whether you're happy, sad, or angry. Being open about our emotions is important for healthy relationships. Especially in regard to the relationship we have with ourselves. How can we expect to understand and love others if we don't understand and love ourselves first? The simple truth is that we cannot, not fully anyway. We end up loving and caring for others from a wounded space and if we do not 'take' from others we will end up trying to give from ourselves until we are an empty cup that then leads to feeling like an empty shell.

Right now, I'm exploring the parts of myself that I've hidden away—the parts that society or even I thought were too strong, different, or "too much." The parts of my soul that went into hiding for self preservation during trauma, and the parts of myself that have been hiding in the shadows of my soul. I have been told many times that I am too much, that I am too intense. My truth is that I'm not "too much." I'm unique and perfect in my own way, and I realize that I need to show up in the world fully as I am, even if it causes uncomfortability.

I want everyone to embrace who they are and to take pride in everything that encompasses their being. Society often tells us to always be nice and positive, but that's not healthy. I want to change that and help people find their true selves. When we do that, we set boundaries and stop harmful behaviors first within ourselves and then in our surroundings.

When we dive into our hidden selves and confront our potential to harm others, we become more self-aware. This awareness helps us transform and understand why we might hurt others, even if we are not meaning to. By embarking on this journey, we not only better ourselves but also inspire others on their own path of healing and self-discovery. As more people go through this transformation, our world changes for the better. We create strength, stability, and love. Through these, we can evolve and become closer to each other as well as closer to Divinity.

Anna Marie Reflecting Authenticity
Anna Marie

Sending you all love and healing,

-Anna Marie

Some questions to help you deeply connect with yourself:

I invite you to download that app Co-Star. This app creates your natal chart and gives insights into all the depths of who you are as well as daily insights to help you reflect and connect with yourself more deeply.

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