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All About Anna Marie

I am the night sky on a moonless night. A billion galaxies, suns, planets, and stars, all just out of reach, but creating beauty and awe from a distance.

~Anna Marie B.


Hi! I'm Anna Marie and I own Dragonfly Rose!​

There is no way to describe all that encompasses me within a few sentences so I will keep it as short and simple as I can! I have lived a little bit everywhere across the US. I love traveling and as I have never been wealthy my traveling involved a lot of just moving to new places. Now I think of it I have never moved back to, or been back to, any place I have left. Always somewhere new. 


When I was young I was not dealt the best hand, it ran in the family. Most of my adult life has been spent trying to heal from trauma, running away from something, and toxic/abusive relationships. Through each experience, I have grown and morphed. Currently, I am exploding with self-growth and new ways of thinking and living.

Before launching this business I was a massage therapist for 11 years! My longest profession! When I retired I felt lost, I didn't know where I fit into the world or what I wanted to do. What I was called to do. Over this last year, my business has also morphed as I have. I have exponentially grown on a personal and spiritual level and because of this so has my business. When I first started out I was very corporate-driven. I wanted to be part of that world because "that is where the clients are". But it never felt right, and I am not one to sit in a space that doesn't fully resonate with my soul.

After a few rebrands and some soul searching, figuring out what I like and don't like, I came to this: I am a creator. I can create beautiful visions that others are holding in their minds-eye but cannot create themselves. I stretched my mind trying to think about what to call myself. Dragonfly Rose was given but 'Photography and Design' just wasn't working for me. I am more than that and people only heard 'photography' and didn't acknowledge the design aspect. And then there are parts of myself that I share that are mental health and spirituality based that I also wanted to have all in one platform. 

Then it came to me. I am a Graphic Artist. What is a Graphic Artist, you ask? Graphic Artists focus more on communicating feelings than solving problems. They are more like storytellers who create a narrative and are less driven by specific rules. 


I never quite fit into the graphic designer role because it was all about solving problems in a logical matter, our emotions are all but logical. Under this umbrella, all of my passions fit. Photography, graphics, my own style of branding, working with emotions, and connection. 

Connection is the core of who I am and of my business. I connect people, brands, ideas, and messages by creating visual elements that will connect to people's emotions.

On the mental health/self-care/spirituality side of things, I do have a page specifically for my blog and podcast if that is something you would like to delve into! You can find the link to both on my homepage under the 'Explore My Work' section.



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I hope that today brings you endless joys that last for an eternity.

Take Care,


“Anna is a great photographer! She is a great choice for your small business photos and she also takes amazing product photos! Highly recommended!”

- Anca G.

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“Anna has designed a few logos for me. Each was a great process and concluded with a wonderful product. I highly recommend Anna for her design work.

In addition, Anna's photography skills are a culmination of several years that will help brand your company. She's wicked talented.”

- Nick Bucci

“My husband and I were very pleased with the friendly, fast service we got from Anna at DragonflyRose! We gave her some ideas about what we were looking for with our logo and branding colors for our new wedding and event venue Lupines & Lace LLC and she came up with some great options and suggestions. We love the end result and would highly recommend her to others looking for a graphic artist or photographer.”

- Deanna Doyle

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