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All About Anna Marie

I am the night sky on a moonless night. A billion galaxies, suns, planets, and stars, all out of reach. Creating beauty and awe from a distance.

~Anna Marie B.

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The warmest of welcomes.

My life journey spans numerous locales across the United States, driven by a passion for exploration. I've continually embraced change, never returning to my previous abodes. My experiences have encompassed personal growth, healing from trauma, and evolving from toxic relationships.

Before venturing into my current endeavor, I devoted 11 years to massage therapy, a profession that became my anchor. I then tried my hand at a graphic design and photography business, but was missing the healing part of my nature. I grappled with my sense of purpose and felt compelled to discover my true calling.

As my business evolved, so did I. Initially motivated by a corporate-driven perspective, I later realized it did not resonate with my soul. Through rebranding and introspection, I recognized my role as a healer. I am still a Graphic Artist and photographer, but I am also an herbalist and a mental health advocate. I am someone who can see to the root of people and help them by giving them tools to live boldly. 

Connection lies at the heart of my identity and business. I facilitate connections between you and your whole self, all the parts you have locked away. I am here to help you unlock those parts of yourself so you can live in a more whole and healed way.

For those interested in delving into mental health, self-care, and spirituality, I maintain a dedicated blog and podcast, accessible at:



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I hope that today brings you endless joys that last for an eternity.

Take Care,


“Anna is a great photographer! She is a great choice for your small business photos and she also takes amazing product photos! Highly recommended!”

- Anca G.

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“Anna has designed a few logos for me. Each was a great process and concluded with a wonderful product. I highly recommend Anna for her design work.

In addition, Anna's photography skills are a culmination of several years that will help brand your company. She's wicked talented.”

- Nick Bucci

“My husband and I were very pleased with the friendly, fast service we got from Anna at DragonflyRose! We gave her some ideas about what we were looking for with our logo and branding colors for our new wedding and event venue Lupines & Lace LLC and she came up with some great options and suggestions. We love the end result and would highly recommend her to others looking for a graphic artist or photographer.”

- Deanna Doyle

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