Dragonfly Rose Photography & Design is your compass in the design world.

This business is about connection. Let us help you connect!

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Hi! I'm Anna Marie and I own Dragonfly Rose Photography & Design out of South Gardiner, Maine.

Dragonfly Rose PD is a Woman-Owned, freelance, photography and graphic design company that focuses on corporate photography, and branding using graphic design skills/programs and digital photography. 

I have been doing photography for almost 2 decades! What this means is that I have had many years of learning to get where I am now. Through trial and error, I found my own unique style, and ability to use light and shadow to create different moods through imagery.

I have been doing graphic design for well over 11 years! I love what I can accomplish with art and an idea. This is what a company is about! Brands and ideas. I love working with my computer programs and traditional art to create one of a kind products for my clients.

This being said I pride myself on being a company's compass in the design world. People today want to be lifted and inspired by what they see and I accomplish this through connection. That is what this business is all about, connection. I connect people to businesses through visual elements like photography, logos, colors, ads, labels, etc. Let me help you connect!

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